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Digitalization in Mining Danya Liu. #PIWorld © OSIsoft, LLC BNEF coverage Strategies for a cleaner, more competitive future. #PIWorld © OSIsoft, LLC Digital Industry Power Oil & gas Manufacturing Supply chain, logistics Mining Optimizing asset performance Predictive analytics & AI Blockchain Edge computing Digital twins Competitive. 3/3/ · Digitalisation in mines: the future of connectivity in the mining industry. The digitalisation of mining processes, including data collection, data transfer and data analysis, is key to improving productivity in the sector. As effective data analysis becomes a necessity, digital solutions are Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Data Mining for Miners from Pit to Port: Digitalization Trends in the Mining Sector. Anglo American recently outlined its vision to become a leading player in digitising its mining operations across the value chain during a meeting with analysts earlier this year. The CEO seeks to bring the group’s operations in line with the mine of the future. 17/6/ · We believe that the benefits of digitalization that the energy sector has realized in recent years are eminently transferrable to the mining sector. That’s why Shell and IBM Services have teamed to create and launch the Oren Marketplace, to benefit mining companies with our combined sectoral knowledge, as well as our digital and technical cadres.ested Reading Time: 4 mins.

Please find below a summary of informative presentations, whitepapers, videos and more. Times of big change are times to be bold and to forge a vision for a different kind of data-driven business. Successful leaders will not languish in legacy business processes, but step out of the shadows and make use of the newest technologies to drive Big Data, mobility, autonomy, geo sensing, analytics and even 3D printing. Read more.

Vimal Gaba, Senior Director Mining, SAP Labs India and Indranil Som , Value Advisor Mining, SAP India, analyse the impact of 5 key tech innovations for the mining industry:. Part 1: Machine Learning. Part 2: The Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics. Part 3: 3D-Printing and Blockchain. Blockchain is much more than the crypto-currency blockchain. There are already real-live examples of how the technology is applied in mining.

This blog looks at the first examples and the full potential of the new technology in mining.

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digitalization in mining

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our updated Cookie Notice. The industry is embracing the opportunities of digital transformation and facing up to its challenges. There is no evidence to suggest that these trends will reverse any time soon. Moreover, across industries, the current value chain structure with incumbent businesses is being challenged not only by macroeconomic conditions, but by increasingly fast-moving and pervasive digitalization.

These digital technologies have tremendous potential to move beyond stagnant growth and deliver exceptional shareholder, customer and environmental value. In particular, there are four themes that are expected to be central to the digitalization of the industry over the next decade. Our value-at-stake analysis is a quantitative model that aims to assess the cumulative value impact over the next 10 years of digital transformation initiatives on the Mining and Metals industry, its customers, society and the environment.

Key findings from this analysis show that digitalization could generate:. Mining and Metals: value at stake for industry and society , by digital initiative. Case study: Unlocking societal value through the connected worker. Connected worker technologies have numerous applications in the industry. For instance, equipping workers with connected, intelligent wearables and mobile devices allows mine and plant management to capture critical information in real time.

digitalization in mining

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The mineral and mining industries are essential for manufacturing organizations, as they provide the primary material for value-adding processes. However, the unique and complex needs of the supply chain in the mineral and mining industry are sometimes overlooked, translating into high costs for the businesses operating in the field and bottlenecks that are challenging to overcome. Given the complexity of the sector, the typically remote locations of the extraction points and the nature of the goods transported, a blend of customized vehicles, containers, warehousing, and local and international distribution is paramount to this industry.

Transport processes need to be optimized and streamlined from entry to final settlement, whether managed by rail, road, river, short-and deep-sea maritime networks and whether international borders are involved. From the operators working in the extraction points to those in the warehouses and the manufacturing units, the communication flow is critical. It is also not uncommon in the field to take decentralized and ad-hoc decisions e.

A lack of communication during the process can easily lead to mistakes in estimations of volumes, under- and over-loading of containers and, in cases, the spoilage of a shipment due to inadequate storage conditions. Knowing the exact location of the materials at any point is crucial to ensure on-time deliveries and to be able to react quickly when needed.

For a long time, activities in the mining and mineral world were hardly regulated, but that has come to an end with stricter security conditions and tightening environmental standards. Sustainable transport planning is not the only solution for this sector. Still, it is an important one to keep in mind as organizations operating not only in Europe but also across the globe are pressed to become efficiency-driven and ensure low-emissions in their business processes.

From the above, we see that reducing operating costs and improves service with streamlined transportation management processes will lead to a positive impact on the mining supply chain and in the businesses operating in the sector.

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The best way for the mining companies to confront the major challenges such as declining ore grades, safety concerns and volatile commodity prices is to improve operational excellence and embrace technological advances and innovations. Cutting-edge solutions are the way forward and that means to define sustainable enterprise digital architecture, select appropriate technologies and ensure seamless integration.

Although individual systems are expected to generate gains by themselves, only a proper integration of those technologies can unleash the full potential of digital transformation. Based on this principle, Siemens has developed a holistic architecture concept to support mining customers to implement digital solutions, with a strong focus on eliminating data silos and increasing collaboration across different departments such as engineering, operations, planning and maintenance.

The ultimate target is to create a fully integrated ecosystem, based on the following pillars:. Decades of experience of electrification and automation in Mining and Cement industries and deep understanding of state-of-art digital technologies equip Siemens to be a reliable partner to accompany mining and cement customers throughout the digital transformation, starting from consultancy of approaches and architecture to implementation of customized projects.

To optimize throughput times and guarantee requested quality output, storage and transport systems are an important part of advanced facilities for the transfer of bulk materials. Our advanced automation solutions secure autonomous operation of your stackers and reclaimers. Thus, they help to reduce your operational costs and achieve a smoother and safer operation with less wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the equipment.

The core element of the management system is the stockpiles 3D model with a record of both quantity and quality of materials. The model is updated regularly with data delivered by stackers and reclaimers. You also benefit from higher safety as all staff work is performed remotely: After working area and parameters for each job are specified, the details are calculated automatically and approved by the operator — then the job is transferred to the equipment.

The rest is automatic.

digitalization in mining

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. By Marco Pagnini , Principal, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. Anglo American recently outlined its vision to become a leading player in digitizing its mining operations across the value chain during a meeting with analysts earlier this year.

The global mining company is certainly not alone in its bid to reinvent itself, with increasing pressure to have cleaner, safer and more efficient processes, many other organisations are using digitalisation and data analytics to improve operational excellence and risk management. Companies are expected to invest USD 1. The mining sector would benefit tremendously by using digital, technology and data analytics to optimise operations, asset performance and reduce risk.

However, to get this right, they will need to overcome the legacy of their operations which are often broken down into individual operating silos, with ineffective integration between mine, processing and transport. By bridging these elements of the supply chain together, there is likely to be the largest scope for change and opportunity to find new efficiencies that drive results.

To overcome these barriers and achieve effective digital transformation, there must be a focus on foundational systems, processes and, importantly, the right capabilities and mind-set need to be put in place.

Elterngeld keine 12 monate gearbeitet

Tagged Under: Innovation and Technology Operational Efficiency Safety. Digitization and automation are transforming our world by enabling smarter ways of working. They have combined to transform the way we live, work, play and produce. These technologies are enabling platforms like connected mobility, smart grids and smart cities, and in turn advancing the shift toward urbanization and making megacities a reality.

For commerce, digitization and automation are providing a high-tech foundation for the next industrial evolution. Already, connected ecosystems of people, assets and information are helping forward-thinking organizations improve cost efficiency, productivity, safety and quality while driving down time-to-market. Digitization and automation have been in use for years.

But the introduction of powerful new technologies that depend on these two trends is making it more important for companies to step up adoption. Digitization is simply the process of converting non-digital information into digital data. For example, turning printed communications into electronic mail email , or converting hand-drawn schematics into CAD computer-aided design drawings. Automation means using information technology or machines to take on repetitive processes and tasks, while freeing humans to do other things.

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20/10/ · Video: SAP Digital Mining Demo Video (TED Talk) 4 minute video about digitization in mining industry. To survive and thrive, mining companies need to work smarter not harder and use innovations like autonomous vehicles, IoT, Big Data, Analytics, remote control centers, predictive maintenance and a focus on safety. Watch itEstimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Digitalization in Mining: Strategies, Progress and Opportunity Facing public scrutiny and volatile commodity prices, mining companies are increasingly under pressure to enhance safety, improve sustainability, and lower costs for their operations.

Traditional field development methods are becoming increasingly expensive. Productivity is dropping due to high maintenance costs, unreliable equipment, reactive troubleshooting, low capacity factors and incidents related to safety violations. What new technologies can ensure the development of modern industry?

How can workplace and environmental safety issues in the mining industry are dealt with effectively? With every passing year, mining operations are carried out in progressively more complex and dangerous geological and climatic conditions. Exploiting deposits in the Far North, where there are deserts and mountainous regions with insufficiently developed social infrastructure, significantly complicates the participation of personnel in mining processes, which require highly qualified specialists.

In order to increase production efficiency in accordance with industrial safety standards, there is a need to develop innovative solutions for the mining industry, including: dispatching and diagnostic systems, automatic or unmanned control systems for dump trucks and drilling rigs and predictive maintenance, and analytics for solving mining process optimization problems.

Unmanned vehicles are the key to innovation in the mining industry. What is digital transformation: a fashionable phrase or an objective necessity? There are various definitions of digital transformation, but they are all united by a change in production management processes through all the stage of value creation with the use of modern technologies.

The focus of digital transformation is the mining plant. There are multiple systems which have been implemented for decades and are somehow connected to information technology, information acquisition, sensors and changes in processes. In reality, digital transformation in the mining industry began with emergence of the first sensors. What else is specific to digital transformation?

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